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1. Create an interactive map of Slavuta, highlighting key attractions and historical sites.
2. Develop a “Slavuta in Pictures” section featuring images of the city.
3. Introduce a “Slavuta Spotlight” highlighting local businesses, organizations, and individuals.
4. Develop a “Slavuta Guide” section with information about local events, attractions, and activities.
5. Create a “Slavuta Quiz” section to test readers’ knowledge of the city.
6. Develop a “Slavuta Stories” section featuring articles about the city’s history and culture.
7. Introduce a “Slavuta Trivia” section to challenge readers with fun facts about the city.
8. Create a “Slavuta Connect” section to connect readers with local businesses and organizations.
9. Develop a “Slavuta Guide” section with information about local transportation, restaurants, and accommodations.
10. Introduce a “Slavuta On the Go” section featuring travel tips and advice.

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